Learning Material

Through the development of fun and informative learning material and opportunities for students to get involved in caring for their local patch of bushland we help to create the next generation of nature carers. 

Inspiring the next generation

Experience has shown that education helps to instil a greater sense of care for, and connection to nature. Through our school’s nestbox program and development of learning material, Glideways helps to raise awareness of biodiversity and the benefits of a healthy environment for both people and nature.

Working in close collaboration with the NSW Department of Planning and Environment, Saving our Species Program, the NSW Environmental Trust, The Department of Education and Training, local teachers, ecologists, artists and actors we have developed  range of educational resources for primary school students including:

Wildlife Corridors for Kids – Stage 3 Teaching Package

This two semester unit was developed to assist Stage 3 NSW students to learn about and understand the importance and need for connectivity conservation and the value of large landscape projects such as the Great Eastern Ranges Initiative. The package is designed to make it easy for teachers to deliver a range of Stage 3 learning outcomes across a spectrum of K-10 and K-6 syllabuses. Download complete teaching package

It’s Cats Play Bookings and Teaching Resources

It’s Cats Play – Teaching Resources

Building on from our Glideways teaching resources we have partnered with The Eaton Gorge Theatre Company to create an educational program about responsible pet ownership. The program involves a play, It’s Cats Play- A catastrophic story, virtual lessons and teaching resource book and short videos. See more at this link

Drawing Australian Gliders Teaching Resources

Drawing Australian Gliders

Primary school-aged children can learn about the threatened gliding possums and other Australian animals in a new book Drawing Australian Gliders.

Drawing Australian Gliders was created by Canberra-based artist Kate Smith and Kate’s ecologist parents, Dr Peter and Dr Judy Smith. The book is published by P & J Smith Ecological Consultants.

The book aims to teach children about the Greater Glider, the tiny Feather-tail Glider and the Sugar Glider.The book introduces these species and provides information on their unique habits, history and other interesting facts. Then it teaches some essential drawing tips, and finally, the reader is taken on a drawing adventure, learning how to create a masterpiece by seeing the world through an artist’s eyes.
The book is available for purchase at selected bookshops and through the K2W shop it is also available to download from Kate Smith Art with additional worksheets and lessons.

Be part of the solution!

The 17 Goals

The K2W Glideways education program is aiming to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and experiences essential to become successful community leaders and custodians of their natural resources. Working towards the Sustainable Development Goals.