The Kanangra-Boyd to Wyangala Conservation Partnership (K2W Link) is extending the boundaries of the Kanangra-Boyd to Wyangala (K2W) wildlife corridor following the Lachlan (Galari) River into the Cowra local government area and connecting the Great Eastern Ranges and the Western Woodlands Way.

Since 2012, K2W Link has supported wildlife conservation following the line of the Abercrombie River between the Blue Mountains and Wyangala. Extending the boundaries of the K2W Link will strengthen conservation to help threatened species by ensuring migration pathways are protected and improving ecosystems.

Chair of the K2W Link, John Rankin, says expanding the corridor will contribute to a vital connection in the landscape from the west to the Great Dividing Range and onto the coast.

“We need to protect the environment from global warming and reconnect habitats to form more natural corridors large enough to support species to increase the populations and support migration.

“Wildlife corridors can also support uses through tourism by designating an area that is aesthetically pleasing, and landholders and properties will benefit from having a more balanced ecosystem that supports farming,” he said.

The Cowra local government area contains an extraordinarily diverse range of species and habitats supporting many threatened species, such as squirrel gliders and superb parrots, within the critically endangered Box Gum grassy woodlands and river system.

These significant natural connections of native vegetation between public and private land are essential for improving the connectivity and resilience of ecosystems within the K2W Link.

In turn, this will support the natural world, such as seasonal dispersal or migration of native species and long-term adaptation of ecosystems on a larger scale.

“K2W Link has exhaustive knowledge from scientific advisors and partners. By sharing this knowledge, we can target species that need our help,” Rankin said.

The corridor extension recognises the considerable effort and valuable contribution of conservation groups. Local groups, including Mid Lachlan Landcare, Cowra Woodland Birds, Dinawan’s Connection, Local Land Services and local landholders, have achieved an enormous amount to protect, restore and monitor habitat for species that migrate through the area.

For landholders and community groups, the expansion will mean more opportunities for funding to support conservation projects, access to specialist advice and support from K2W Link’s partners, and promotion of conservation efforts regionally across the K2W and nationally through the Great Eastern Ranges.